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EASY AF (All in one) Mushroom Grow Kit (TEST KITCHEN)

EASY AF (All in one) Mushroom Grow Kit (TEST KITCHEN)

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Humidity Tent Required?


We've been working on these for ages and they are ready for testing in the wild.

After slagging off all in one kits for almost three years I'm now sold on this method of mixing milo grain and CVG at a very specific ratio.

We've created a great option for those of you who want to just set and forget a smaller kit which is quicker but with smaller yields than the larger Fruit in the bag grow kit.

If you are growing top fruiting mushrooms, you might want a Humidity tent (basically a large unicorn bag with some accessories).

Standard size : 1.1kg approx.

Which mushrooms grow with these kits? 

This is what we've tested with great results...

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