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Grind Adaptogenic Coffee With Lions Mane mushroom & Rhodiola by London Nootropics
12 sachet box Adaptogenic Coffee With Lions Mane mushroom & Rhodiola. This mushroom coffee blend helps you discover motivation, mental clarity & focus. Great for short & long-term memory, brain fog & reducing procrastination. Free from preservatives & artificial sweeteners....
Jardin Collective Golden Hour Mushroom Mix
Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Golden Hour Mushroom Mix combines anti-inflammatory turmeric with five of our favourite medicinal mushroom extracts for a warming and gently spicy blend to brighten up any day. Our pure organic turmeric is grown in Northern...
Jardin Collective Mushroom Magic Cacao
Mushroom Magic Cacao combines the medicinal powers of five super mushrooms with antioxidant-rich raw cacao for an invigorating and creamy elixir that hits the spot like a classic hot chocolate, just without the sugar crash. Fairtrade is important to us,...
Lions Mane Supplements by Cotswold Mushrooms
Lions mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is well known for it's ability to support brain health and function. The fruiting body of Lions mane contains compounds called hericenones which help encourage the growth and repair of brain cells. It also contains...
MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: How Medicinal and Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Protect Body and Mind
Based on current scientific data and understanding this book explains how medicinal mushroom work within the body to produced benefits for human health and well-being. There are numerous books written about medicinal mushrooms but few explain the processes by which...
Organic Reishi Mushroom Rescue Balm by Jardin Collective
Mushroom magic for your skin! This multipurpose balm is packed full of antioxidant-rich ingredients to help your skin feel healthy and glowing. Reishi, our super shroom ingredient, improves the skins supportive elements while also reducing signs of irritation. Soothing organic...
Oyster Supplements by Cotswold Mushrooms
The unsung medicinal hero. Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) is not just good to eat but has numerous health benefits including boosting the immune system, reducing free-radical damage as a potent antioxidant, help reduce cholesterol, and support brain function.  60 x...
Reishi Supplements by Cotswold Mushrooms
Often referred to as the "mushroom of longevity" Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most extensively research medicinal mushrooms. Amongst other health benefits studies demonstrate Reishi to be particularly effective at boosting the human immune system. 60 x 400mg plant-based...
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