70mm Autoclavable Plastic Lids (For Grain Jars or Liquid Culture)
Jar not included. Suitable for normal mason jars often used for liquid culture production, or spawn jars. Available with Microppose port & filter or as lid only. Also 5 lids option with a multipack discount!
86mm Autoclavable Plastic Lids (For Grain Jars or Liquid Culture) - Widemouth.
These are lids only, no jar is included. Suitable for widemouth mason jars often used for liquid culture production or PF Tek cake creation.  Options: 1. Lid Only (Just the lid mate). 2. W/ Microppose injection port and filter : Pre-drilled with...
50ml Centrifuge Tubes (10pk) For Making Fungal Culture Slants
These are basically large test tubes. Perfect for long term storage of cultures or spores, or soil samples. They are not sterile, so will need to either be sterilised before use. We just pop them all in a unicorn bag...
Safety Wash Squeeze Bottle 500ml used for Isopropyl
High quality plastic, durable and squeezy as heck. Spray bottles are alright, but you don’t always need to spray the hell out of everything. Sometimes you might like to lightly douse and wipe with a paper towel. Anyway it’s a...
£4.50 £4.49
Cotton Tipped Applicators For Spore Swabs (Sterile) Pack of 10 (2 in each pouch)
2 Applicators in each pouch, 20 tips in total. Like the ones you poke your ear drums with, but instead of ears these are fantastic for spore swabs from your beautiful mushrooms. They are 6" inches long on wooden sticks. Very...
Clinell 2% Chlorhexidine in 70% Alcohol Wipes - 25 Pack
Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine is a disposable disinfection wipe for medical devices presaturated with 70% alcohol and 2% Chlorhexidine gluconate. The alcoholic wipe is used to disinfect medical devices specifically designed for - catheter hubs and ports, needle free devices,...
Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bar Type-C PTFE for Magnetic Mixer (C7*30mm) (5 Pack)
High temperature resistance, maximum working temperature is up to 250℃ Corrosion resistance, stir bars are chemical inert to most chemicals and solvent, such as strong acid, alkali, water and organic solvent High lubrication, stir bars have the lowest friction coefficient...
20 Petri Dishes, 3 Vent, Sterilized, Plastic, 90mm x 15mm
Free LME powder until 12:30 3/12/2022  Wanna make your own plates? These beautiful little circles are exactly what you need to stop your agar from just falling onto the floor and making a mess. They arrive perfectly sterile in a...
Autoclave Steri-Indicator Tape 19mm x 50m
This is tape. It changes colour when its been autoclaved. Really handy for knowing which stuff has been autoclaved and which stuff has not been autoclaved.
Syringes (10ml Luer Lock)
What to say about this, it’s a syringe. It has a plunger part for plungin, a luer lock part for the pointy sharp bit to go on. We also do syringe bundles with needles, stoppers and wipes included. Use me...
Individually Wrapped Male/Female Luer Lock Combi Stopper
With these bad boys you can make your syringe look very dapper indeed. Once you've squirted your spores or LC or whatever you are squirtin, you can reseal your syringe in a clean way without reintroducing any nasties. Cool info...
Microppose Adhesive lid filters for air exchange cultivating fungi
These filters can be applied to jar lids or tissue culture containers to allow your culture to breathe while protecting it from contaminant spores and bacteria. Great for projects involving injections or transfers. - 0.3 micron filtration efficiency - Manufactured with strong...
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