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XL Beginner Mushroom Grow Kit Easy Fruit in the Bag!

XL Beginner Mushroom Grow Kit Easy Fruit in the Bag!

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This kit guides you some of the fundamentals of mycology whilst being simple as heck.

In our field tests we’ve had 3-700g flushes routinely using this method. We use simple quality growing ingredients formulated to give you the best chance of success whilst minimising contamination risks.

Now you and the entire family can enjoy the magic of mushrooms at home.

What’s in the kit?

  • 1kg sterile grain of your choice (For spawn)
  • 2kg sterile CVG. (Fruiting substrate)
  • Gloves (optional), wipes and accessories.

What’s not in the kit?

How to use your grow kit

Video Instructions here!

Need help with the kit or general cultivation advice? Join the discord community!

Please don’t use this kit to grow, cubensis or magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms or “shrooms” are not legal in most countries and you could face legal consequences.

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