projects we support

One of the benefits of us doing well financially (thank you x) is that we can support projects we care about. Here are some of the wonderful projects we help with through your support.

Throughout 2024 we will be supporting a charity very close to our heart. 


AFCI is a non-profit organization that aims to empower vulnerable refugee and host communities in Jordan and Turkey.

In 2017 Sam (MycoPunks Operations Director) travelled to Jordan with the Refugease team to help expand the school at Zaatari refugee camp. 

"John Cena" earns you a backbreaker. No child was harmed. 

Group Photo

We have committed to donate over £1500 per month to support teachers salaries and general running costs of the school. 

Find out about Acting For Change International

As of January 16th 2024 we will be supporting Mossy Earth instead. I've been a fan of theirs for a while, they have some really talented people working on niche habitat restoration / rewilding projects. 


We have committed to £20 per employee per month for 2024.

Find out about Mossy Earth

MycoPunks are also working hard to get the Native Fungi Project up and running, we want to encourage mushroom cultivators in the UK to focus on native wild fungi cultures over non native species which are making their way into the local ecosystems and potentially screwing things up.

Find out about Native Fungi Project