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I know, corporate green policies are generally shit. But we are a small company made up of quite caring people. We got into the mushroom game because we want to work with nature. We are trying our best to be good in this capitalist hellscape. 


  • 2024

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Donation from MycoPunks to Mossy Earth on behalf of each employee (currently £20 per month per employee)

Moving away from carbon offsetting, taking a more active approach to specific projects which benefit ecosystem protection

R&D stage / in progress 

 Replacement of "biodegradable" plastics to non microplastic alternatives

5kg raw material packaging from plastic to all paper sacks

Replacing recycled plastic mailer bags with home compostable alternatives

Layflat plastic packaging to 30% recycled version (best available)

Sourcing compostable pallet wrap

Agar plate packaging review (testing compostable external wrap with non plastic labels)

Reusable agar plates with re-use return service

All boxes made from 100% recycled material

Compostable water activated tape for boxes under 15kg

Biodegradable accessory bags used for grow kits

Ethical review of internal consumables (tea, coffee, toilet paper, printer paper, plant milks etc)

Implementation of 4 day working week (less employee travel)

Almost all internal cleaning products are from BIO-D (excluding Isopropyl, Sodium hypochlorite for lab cleaning)

DPD carbon neutral deliveries

Plastic tape swapped for paper based

MycoPunks starts carbon offsetting

Re-using incoming packaging. Including bringing in home packaging to use


Not to shit on generic carbon offsetting (I'm about to shit on it) but there are tree planting projects which frankly are doing more harm than good, not to mention other questionable projects which don't hold up to scrutiny. Carbon offsetting for the most part feels like a way of larger corporations to greenwash their unethical brands and kick the carbon can down the road. Our commitment moving forward is focus on supporting natural habitat restoration projects undertaken by experts first and foremost.

As of January 16th 2024 we will no longer be financially supporting carbon offsetting projects and will be supporting Mossy Earth instead. I've been a fan of theirs for a while, they have some really talented people working on niche habitat restoration / rewilding projects. 

Find out about Mossy Earth

Native Fungi Project (In progress)

MycoPunks are also working hard to get the Native Fungi Project up and running, we want to encourage mushroom cultivators in the UK to focus on native wild fungi cultures over non native species which are making their way into the local ecosystems and potentially screwing things up.

Find out about Native Fungi Project

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