Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bar Type-C PTFE for Magnetic Mixer (C7*30mm) (5 Pack)
High temperature resistance, maximum working temperature is up to 250℃ Corrosion resistance, stir bars are chemical inert to most chemicals and solvent, such as strong acid, alkali, water and organic solvent High lubrication, stir bars have the lowest friction coefficient...
Syringes (10ml Luer Lock)
What to say about this, it’s a syringe. It has a plunger part for plungin, a luer lock part for the pointy sharp bit to go on. We also do syringe bundles with needles, stoppers and wipes included. Use me...
Cotton Tipped Applicators For Spore Swabs (Sterile) Pack of 10 (2 in each pouch)
2 Applicators in each pouch, 20 tips in total. Like the ones you poke your ear drums with, but instead of ears these are fantastic for spore swabs from your beautiful mushrooms. They are 6" inches long on wooden sticks. Very...
Lab Wire Rack (Agar work)
The same awesome racking we use for agar pours in our lab. Allows for better cooling of your agar plates and keep them in first air with your flow unit. STRONG & STURDY: It's crafted from robust steel and coated...
Autoclave Steri-Indicator Tape 19mm x 50m
This is tape. It changes colour when its been autoclaved. Really handy for knowing which stuff has been autoclaved and which stuff has not been autoclaved.
Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures (Paperback)
A mind-altering look at the secret lives of fungi and the extraordinary ways they shape our world Fungi are some of the most widespread, strange, important, and neglected organisms on the planet, and vital to nearly all living systems. Merlin...
£20.00 £11.99
Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide
From the author of GROWING GOURMET AND MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS comes the only identification guide exclusively devoted to the world's psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Detailed descriptions and color photographs for over 100 species are provided, as well as an exploration of their long-standing...
In Search of Mycotopia: Citizen Science, Fungi Fanatics, and the Untapped Potential of Mushrooms
From ecology to fermentation, in pop culture and in medicine mushrooms are everywhere. With an explorers eye, author Doug Bierend guides readers through the weird, wonderful world of fungi and the amazing modern mycological movement. In Search of Mycotopia introduces...
£20.00 £16.99
Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
Mycelium Running is a manual for the mycological rescue of the planet. That's right: growing more mushrooms may be the best thing we can do to save the environment, and in this groundbreaking text from mushroom expert Paul Stamets, you'll...
Eat Mushrooms Don't Kill People Tote
Eat mushrooms don’t kill people recycled cotton tote. Hand printed with neon pink water-based inks on the recycled cotton tote. Breathable so you can collect up mushrooms you find whilst you are pounding the streets.
Mushrooms - Roger Phillips (Paperback)
The culmination of over thirty years' work, Roger Phillips's authoritative and superbly illustrated reference work is packed with information and original photographs. The essential illustrated mycological encyclopedia, this book is also clear, user friendly and will appeal to a wide...
£25.00 £22.99
Premium Hardwood Fuel Pellets (HWFP) for Mushroom Cultivation
Premium Mixed Hardwood Fuel Pellets for growing wood loving mushroom species. This pellet is made from 100% recycled hardwoods with no additives, compressed into a 6mm diameter pellet shape. Packaged into heavy duty plastic bags for safe handling and storage.   Important...
Fly Agaric: A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology & Exploration (Paperback)
With more than two-dozen contributors and over 450-pages of content Fly Agaric is the most comprehensive book on the iconic red and white-spotted mushroom ever assembled. In the 29 chapters contained herein the reader is taken on a journey through history, folklore,...
Mycorrhizal Planet: How Symbiotic Fungi Work with Roots to Support Plant Health and Build Soil Fertility (Hardcover)
Regenerative practices for the farm, garden, orchard, forest, and landscape Mycorrhizal fungi have been waiting a long time for people to recognize just how important they are to the making of dynamic soils. These microscopic organisms partner with the root...
-5% Sold Out
Ubibot WS1 WiFi Temperature Sensor, Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Humidity Monitor, Remote Data Logger with Free App Email Alerts, IFTTT Thermometer,(2.4GHz WiFi only,no hub required)
We use UbiBot sensors ourselves to monitor incubation and fruiting spaces. We even have one in the fridge to make sure long term culture storage is within allowable parameters. Set-up in seconds via Ubibot App or PC Tools. Connect using...
£86.99 £82.99
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