Organic Coconut Coir Brick for Growing Mushrooms
It’s a compressed brick made of coconut husk, but if you made a house from these bricks good luck getting buildings insurance. Just add water and watch it breach the small bucket you thought would contain it. The big one...
50L Vermiculite for casing layer / hydration of mushroom substrates (Fine / Medium)
Often used to retain moisture evenly throughout substrate, vermiculite is commonly used as part of CVG and PF/BRFTek substrate creation.  It's is available in two grades (Fine and Medium). Natural, non-toxic compost component Vermiculite is porous and holds water Cation...
Premium Hardwood Fuel Pellets (HWFP) for Mushroom Cultivation
Premium Mixed Hardwood Fuel Pellets for growing wood loving mushroom species. This pellet is made from 100% recycled hardwoods with no additives, compressed into a 6mm diameter pellet shape. Packaged into heavy duty plastic bags for safe handling and storage.   Important...
Aluminium 1kg Grain / Pellet Scoop
It’s a scoop. It’s super lightweight and is perfect for filling bags with substrates and grain.
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