Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub NEW VERSION!
Latest version! It may look like an inflatable raft for a cat. But this is a damn monotub. If you’re looking for a simple setup for growing homegrown mushrooms without the high cost of shipping a plastic tub, this inflatable...
Parafilm - For sealing agar plates after inoculation
We no longer cut parafilm into individual pieces, will arrive as a long strip as this increases the shelf life of product and helps prevent drying / cracking. Usage:
70mm Autoclavable Plastic Lids (For Grain Jars or Liquid Culture)
Jar not included. Suitable for normal mason jars often used for liquid culture production, or spawn jars. Available with Microppose port & filter or as lid only. Also 5 lids option with a multipack discount!
86mm Autoclavable Plastic Lids (For Grain Jars or Liquid Culture) - Widemouth.
These are lids only, no jar is included. Suitable for widemouth mason jars often used for liquid culture production or PF Tek cake creation.  Options: 1. Lid Only (Just the lid mate). 2. W/ Microppose injection port and filter : Pre-drilled with...
MycoPunks V2 Flow Unit (2022 model) H14 Hepa for mushroom cultivation clean work.
 Current lead times are approximately 2 weeks from order date. We are excited to announce the new version of our flow unit, available as 4x2 ft or 2x2ft versions. Last year we worked for months with manufacturers in China and...
20 Petri Dishes, 3 Vent, Sterilized, Plastic, 90mm x 15mm
Free LME powder until 12:30 3/12/2022  Wanna make your own plates? These beautiful little circles are exactly what you need to stop your agar from just falling onto the floor and making a mess. They arrive perfectly sterile in a...
Borosilicate Glass Agar Pouring Lab Bottle Anti Drip
A perfectly formed glass bottle, the Simax GL45 Reagent Laboratory Bottle, Clear, With Cap & Ring, Borosilicate Glass. Usage Make your agar in this bottle, then autoclave, let cool till okay to handle. Then pour your plates in front of...
Swann Morton #3 Scalpel handle with 5 x sterile blades
Sterile blades may vary in style but will always be awesome. Remember when you used to play "Operation" as a child. Now you can do this in real life, but on mycelium in a safe environment in a sensible way. ...
6mm Agar punch transfer tool (stainless steel medical)
Perfect tool to cut those lush little holes in your mycelium just like the pros do. Simply sterilise using flame or bacticinerator then push it into your agar to make a lovely neat circle cutout. Next simply transfer with a...
Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bar Type-C PTFE for Magnetic Mixer (C7*30mm) (5 Pack)
High temperature resistance, maximum working temperature is up to 250℃ Corrosion resistance, stir bars are chemical inert to most chemicals and solvent, such as strong acid, alkali, water and organic solvent High lubrication, stir bars have the lowest friction coefficient...
Cotton Tipped Applicators For Spore Swabs (Sterile) Pack of 10 (2 in each pouch)
2 Applicators in each pouch, 20 tips in total. Like the ones you poke your ear drums with, but instead of ears these are fantastic for spore swabs from your beautiful mushrooms. They are 6" inches long on wooden sticks. Very...
Sold Out
Lab Wire Rack (Agar work)
The same awesome racking we use for agar pours in our lab. Allows for better cooling of your agar plates and keep them in first air with your flow unit. STRONG & STURDY: It's crafted from robust steel and coated...
Fine Tip Inkzall Marker Pen 1mm Fine Tip Black
Ever sprayed down your plates with iso only to have the sharpied on description disappear? We have. Once dried, the ink from these bad boys stays visible with only a bit of fading.
50ml Centrifuge Tubes (10pk) For Making Fungal Culture Slants
These are basically large test tubes. Perfect for long term storage of cultures or spores, or soil samples. They are not sterile, so will need to either be sterilised before use. We just pop them all in a unicorn bag...
Precision scales for weighing out your powders / agar etc
These scales have two entire decimal places! Madness! No more eyeballing 20g of malt Extract… these scales a precision for your pleasure. Backlit too so you can do stuff under the cover of darkness. Batteries included 
*IMPROVED* Impulse Bag Sealer FS-300 for sealing your mushroom bags
The classic beginner bag sealer! Timer switch to dial in your sealing. Hand operated, simply press down the arm and seal the bag. 300mm wide (suitable for most bags, unless flat folded). Here's how to seal bags directly from the...
-11% Sold Out
Hybrid Glass Petri Dish (Various Sizes)
Autoclavable Up To 160 DegreesSpecial Hybrid GlassGlassy, Clear as glass.
Swann Morton #7 Pro scalpel handle with 5 x sterile blades
Sterile blades may vary in style but will always be awesome. Remember when you used to play "Operation" as a child. Now you can do this in real life, but on mycelium in a safe environment in a sensible way. ...
Safety Wash Squeeze Bottle 500ml used for Isopropyl
High quality plastic, durable and squeezy as heck. Spray bottles are alright, but you don’t always need to spray the hell out of everything. Sometimes you might like to lightly douse and wipe with a paper towel. Anyway it’s a...
£4.50 £4.49
Heat Resistant PVC Long Gauntlets
They are big old heat resistant gloves rather ironically coloured in a fetching "3rd degree burn red" PVC. Perfect for :  Not burning your hands or arms when removing agar bottles or hot sub (mmm hot sub). Ace for sex...
L-Shape Plate Spreaders (Sterile Pack of 10)
Plate spreaders are used to spread liquid culture or spore solution across your agar surface. Perfect to distribute drops from your spore syringe and ensure even distribution. Pack of 10 spreaders (Can be resealed using bag sealer)   
-61% Sold Out
ST800 Infrared Sterilizer / Bacti-cinerator (LED)
No more setting fire to yourself with isopropyl spray and naked flames! Simply pop your scalpel tip into this hell portal and the dark lord himself sterilises the blade within within 5-7 seconds.• Very safe to operate with no visual fire....
£585.00 £229.00
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