Agar Anarchy : Random Pre-Poured Agar Multipack
We have been looking for ways to reduce waste. Often we have agar left in the bottle after pouring an order. So we decided, rather than pouring it down the sink. We can pour a few extra for each custom...
MycoPunks 1ltr Dry Mixes For Fungal Culturing
We are so excited to be releasing our favourite agar mixes in really easy to use foil sachets! Each one makes 1ltr of media. We use only lab grade incred Culture Shock (2 sachets) - Liquid Culture Dry Mix (Lab...
AGAR IN A BOTTLE (Reusable Simex Glass Lab Bottle)
THIS PRODUCT IS MADE TO ORDER CLICK HERE FOR LEAD / DELIVERY TIMES. THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT SHIP SAME DAY. It’s hard to escape single use plastics in our biz, so we decided to try and cut down where we...
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