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Boomer Shroomer

Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub NEW VERSION!

Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub NEW VERSION!

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Latest version!

It may look like an inflatable raft for a cat. But this is a damn monotub.

If you’re looking for a simple setup for growing homegrown mushrooms without the high cost of shipping a plastic tub, this inflatable monotub kit is it – virtually hands-free and so easy! Perfect for first-time growers.

  • With new liner!
  • Plugs and filters included.
  • Built-in drain hole for easy rehydration and draining.
  • Multiple air holes for controlled humidity and ventilation
  • Improved fitted lid design
  • Clear plastic for easy viewing.
  • Thick sturdy plastic for reuse for more grows.
  • Easily stored and shipped when not in use
  • 19x11x11 Inches
  • A tiny bit off 40ltrs

Need help with the kit or general cultivation advice? Join the discord community!

Please don’t use this kit to grow, cubensis or magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms or “shrooms” are not legal in most countries and you could face legal consequences.


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