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Just-the-Trich - for Severe Trichoderma Incursions

Just-the-Trich - for Severe Trichoderma Incursions

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This blend is exclusively focused on the prevention of aggressive contamination during Gourmet Mushroom Production through triggering an enhanced immune response from the fungi, as opposed to the chemical treatment of unwanted bacterial and fungal contaminants. 

As this blend cuts the incursion of Trichoderma on cakes down drastically - its effects are amplified over time as fewer spores are released into the environment.

This blend does not increase fruiting productivityin fact, you will see a reduction in fresh weight somewhere between 10-30% over a healthy, non-contaminated substrate. This blend is intended for those who wish to treat Trichoderma incursion that appears during or before the first flush.  Trichoderma is a nuisance to deal with, and unfortunately, severe trich incursions require severe treatments. This blend is, however, 100% natural and USDA sanctioned for use with foodstuffs - there are no chemicals utilized to drive efficacy. 

Just-the-Trich can be used in the following ways:

Substrate Spray: Simply add 2G to a 1L bottle, and spray your substrate when spawning to bulk, repeat weekly. 

Tent Spray: The same as the substrate spray, only you spray the inside of your tent or fruiting chamber to proactively treat Trichoderma in the growing environment itself. 

Viability/Best Before: 

One 10G pouch will make 5 L of solution that will stay viable in an aqueous solution for up to a year when kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment.

Contaminant Protection Offered: 

Blight and Fruit Rot (Alternaria spp.); Bacterial Blast, Blight, and Streak (Pseudomonas syringae, Bread Mold (Neurospora.); Black Mold (Aspergillus.); Pseudomonas viridiflava, Xanthomonas Spp.); Bacterial Fruit blotch (Acidovorax avenaesubsp); Trichoderma Harzianum; Sooty mold; Sour Rot; Southern Blight (Scerotium rolfsii); Sheath Spot and Blight (Rhizoctonia oryzae); White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum); White Rot (Scerotium cepivorum.)

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