MycoPunks Flow Unit Setup

Thank you so much for purchasing one of our new flow units.

Lets help you get set up. It's pretty easy. 


Your unit is heavy, too heavy to set up alone.

! Find another human to help you set things up !

Your unit should be set up on a level, stable clean surface. Make sure you have somewhere clear to place this beast before you take it out. It should go from box to home. Ensure you have a power point nearby.

The room should be clean and dry, a dirty damp room will degrade your front and rear filters.


I know you are excited but don't rip the box or damage / discard the packaging. Keep it safe, we want to ensure everything works perfectly before you trash the only means of safely returning the unit to us. If you think you might need to move it in future. The stratocell foam end pieces are great protection to keep.

There is a piece of wrapped hardboard covering the delicate HEPA filter on the front. You should leave that and the end foam in place until you have positioned your unit on the work surface.

Once you are happy, have your flow friend support the weight whilst you take off the end foam one piece at a time. Then carefully with scissors cut the wrap off and remove the hardboard covering the HEPA.

Your unit has been birthed. It will shortly imprint on you like a baby ostrich.

Plugging in

Plug in.

(Three pin UK kettle lead included in the box or EU one if you are EUropean).

General use

Give your rear intake filter 15cm space on your desk.

Turn your unit on at top setting for 4x2 and middle setting for 2x2.

Run your flow unit for 10 minutes before each use (longer for air scrub of small room). This will allow any particles which might have settled into the filter to get dislodged / blown away before use (not into your agar dishes).

If this is your first time using a flow unit, you might expect your hair to go flying back and it to be a struggle to keep your eyes open. The airflow is not wind, it should be barely perceptible. (But is still tested to above 0.45 m/s). 

Work away from the edges, try and work well within the filter area to prevent external non clean stuff from ruining your hard clean work. You should work right up to the filter (give a few CM space).

(I will do a video on general clean work one day)

Don't do this


This draws external contamination into the delicate filter paper and can (over time) turn your clean filtered air into janky manky air.

(video on surface clean down coming shortly)


You might be shocked, there is electricity inside these things. You might feel grounded after your last gong bath retreat but trust me, It's not worth going up against 240 British Volts.