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Smart Microoptics

DIPLE Revolutionary microscope for your smartphone (Standard stage)

DIPLE Revolutionary microscope for your smartphone (Standard stage)

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Perfect for viewing spores from Orangutan Trading Co!

Thanks to the three powerful objective lenses in the kit, you can see micro-organisms, cells, cellular details and even some kind of bacteria, with any smartphone!

The lenses can work in water immersion without any problem. Sometimes a drop of water between lens and sample can even improve the optical performance, increasing a little the working distance.

Everything in about 0.5Kg and with the size of a pencil case… basic accessories included!

All three DIPLE objectives (Red 35x, Grey 75x and Black 150x), together with the Standard stage, for a complete microscopy experience on your smartphone!

The kit contains:

1 DIPLE RED, 1 DIPLE Grey, 1 DIPLE Black lenses
1 STANDARD stage,
3 prepared slides, 2 plain slides
Light source, pipette and tweezers

Will DIPLE work with your smartphone?

Since there is no need to clamp or attach them, DIPLE lenses work with virtually all models of smartphone and tablet in the market. The two adjustable phone/tablet feet included in the kit allow the system to provide the perfect support for any kind of mobile device.

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