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15 Petri Dishes, 3 Vent, Sterilized, Plastic, 55mm x 12mm

15 Petri Dishes, 3 Vent, Sterilized, Plastic, 55mm x 12mm

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Wanna make your own plates? These beautiful little circles are exactly what you need to stop your agar from just falling onto the floor and making a mess.

They arrive perfectly sterile in a clean bag. They are really high quality too, we've used cheap ones before and they are not worth bothering with.

Please note: These cannot be autoclaved, they arrive sterile ready to use. We use our used ones for spore prints after they've been washed out.

Aseptically manufactured under clean room conditions (Class 7 ISO14644) to exclude microbiological contamination. Terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation. CE marked in accordance with European Directive 98/79/EC. In vitro use only. Produced and tested in accordance with the BS611 part 2 standard, which includes stringent dimensional controls. Ideal for use in automatic plate pourers. Triple vented - aids gaseous exchange. Ideally suited for short term work.

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