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Tektub 33.5L Starter Monotub Kit - Just the tub

Tektub 33.5L Starter Monotub Kit - Just the tub

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Normaalihinta €63,95 EUR
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Designed to grow medicinal, therapeutic and gourmet fungi. This monotub has everything you need to get going.* 

Here's whats in the kit:

  • 33.5L Modified Tub (4 x 2" holes predrilled with Microppose filters and resealable tape). 
  • Robust and stackable.
  • 1 x Liner to discourage side pinning.
  • Small Iso spray for clean down.
  • Gloves (choose size below)
  • This version does not include grain or substrate, click here for that

* Does not include spores or liquid culture.

Need grain and sub refills? Get em!

Want multiple tubs? 20% off 3 or more using the code TUBGIRL.

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