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MycoPunks Gift Box : Forager's Edition

MycoPunks Gift Box : Forager's Edition

Normaalihinta €78,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €78,95 EUR
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A lovely box of goodies for the forager in your life, even if the forager is you.

"Whats in the booooxxx" - Brad Pitt, Seven

1. Opinel mushroom knife, great for cutting up ya mushrooms
2. British Mushrooms Field Guide / ID Book, great for identifying ya mushrooms
3. MycoPunks Tote bag, great for collecting up ya mushrooms.
4. Mushroom postcards (3), great for sending to people who like ya mushrooms
5. A random tin of Tubby Toms dust to take your foraged mushrooms to flavour town.
6. A can of alcohol free mushroom beer from Fungtn.
7. Stickers (one of each of our stock)

Worth over £80.00!

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