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MGP Plus (was TrichEVICT 20) - for Yield Increases + Trich Inhibition

MGP Plus (was TrichEVICT 20) - for Yield Increases + Trich Inhibition

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With MGP or TrichEVICT, multiple bacteria species function together synergistically to produce favorable metabolites and release nutrients through microbial mineralization. One of the species, Azospirillum, a free-living nitrogen-fixing bacterium, also fixes atmospheric nitrogen for uptake - turning a non-nitrogen-rich substrate into a much richer nutritional growing environment similar to manure. While supplementary nitrogen and other available nutrients ensure your mushrooms have every chance to have strong cell walls and grow to be big and healthy, the real growth promotion benefits come from the secretion of metabolites which spur on growth.
One of the most important metabolites secreted is the auxin indole-3-acetic acid. This particular auxin, in lab settings, has been shown to increase mycelial diameter and is present in nature in abundance. When we use substrates such as CVG or pasteurized manure, the microbiome of the substrate is not tailored to mushroom production - which leads to poor yields, expansive growing times, and a tendency to contaminate. When adding either MGP or TrichEVICT into the mix, your standard substrate becomes tailored to mushroom production. In addition to this, nutrient competition between microbes is greatly increased - this makes it much harder for contaminants to take hold. In summary, DRMyc blends harness the very most effective parts of nature in the optimal ratios specifically to increase the net production of your gourmet mushroom production, while simultaneously reducing crop losses from Trichoderma and decreasing cycle times.
With the use of TrichEVICT (MGP Plus) you can expect substantially larger gourmet mushroom yields, and expect them days ahead of schedule, thanks to our proprietary PGPR blend (plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria). Another benefit of TrichEVICT is it broadly prevents incursions of common contaminants such as Trichoderma (green mold) and Pseudomonas tolaasii (bacterial blotch) on your gourmet fruit and substrate. This is achieved through an increase in nutrient competition between microbes where the beneficial PGPR microbes found in MGP Plus take hold in the substrate, making it difficult for non-beneficial microbes to take hold and propagate. 

In the Fungal kingdom, the survival and evolutionary success of living organisms directly depends upon their ability to respond appropriately to their biotic environments. Mushrooms did not evolve in a "sterile" vacuum - they have a complex immune system that employs Nucleotide Oligomerization Domain (NOD)-like receptors, or NLRs that are primed by both evolution and the environment they find themselves in - the PGPR's in this blend prime the myceliums' innate immune system to allow it to defend itself better against invasive contaminants, without harming the host. 
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