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Anthony Knight-Peters

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: How Medicinal and Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Protect Body and Mind

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: How Medicinal and Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Protect Body and Mind

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Based on current scientific data and understanding this book explains how medicinal mushroom work within the body to produced benefits for human health and well-being. There are numerous books written about medicinal mushrooms but few explain the processes by which active compounds identified within certain mushrooms produce their health enhancing benefits.
This book explains what happens within the body after the consumption of a medicinal mushroom (or its extracts) to produce the health supporting effects. In other words, we know WHAT medicinal mushrooms can do for human health and well-being but HOW do they do it? This highly informative book is ideal for professionals and amateurs who want to understand how medicinal mushroom compounds interact within the human body to:
  1. 1.Bolster a strong immune system.
  2. Support innate defences against cancer.
  3. Reduce inflammation and provide antioxidant protection.
  4. Protect brain health and function.
  5. Help mitigate anxiety and depression.


“This inspired and well researched book explains in simple terms how medicinal mushrooms could help manage many of today’s diseases including, Cancer, Depression, chronic inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. A fantastic hypothesis and a really important health read” Pamela Kingston, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Phlebotomist.

"This book brings together the latest body of research on the medicinal benefits of fungi incredibly well. Written in a way that won't require any prerequisite knowledge of mycology, this is a great addition to any fungal library" Chris Dowdeswell, owner of Stoic Mushrooms.

“A great resource for anyone interested in mushrooms and their potential to protect and support physical and mental health” Tom Baxter, owner of The Bristol Fungarium

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