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DIY : Make your own CVG (3.7kg)

DIY : Make your own CVG (3.7kg)

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Making your own CVG is so easy even MycoPunks founder Chris could make it.

Coir 650g
216g Fine Verm
165g Gypsum

How the heck to make it:
1. Put the 650g coir block in a large bucket and soak in 3 litres of hot / warm water for 1 hour.
2. Add the Fine Vermiculite and sieve the Gypsum into your bucket.
3. Mix thoroughly.
4. Test consistency by grabbing a handful and squeezing. The sub should expel a small trickle of water when squeezed hard.
5. Final product should weigh between 3.75-4kg

You don't have to pasteurise this as there isn't anything technically nutritious in this sub. However just to clear out the surface nasties, we recommend pasteurising or pressure cooking for 2 hrs.  
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