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Smart Microoptics

DIPLE Revolutionary microscope for your smartphone (Fine stage)

DIPLE Revolutionary microscope for your smartphone (Fine stage)

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Normaalihinta €190,95 EUR
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Perfect for viewing spores from Orangutan Trading Co!

DIPLE Black & Fine is the top choice for anyone interested in a smartphone microscope.

With this kit, you can perform microscopy on smartphones and tablets at its highest levels.
First of all, you can choose between different objectives: the three versions of DIPLE lenses are available, for microscopy in transmitted light. Furthermore, you have the Fine Stage, for a precise shift of the sample under observation.
With a resolution even below 1 micrometer, DIPLE allows you to see even sub-cellular details and even some kind of bacteria, with any smartphone.
You can perform outdoor microscopy too, because the system is solid and durable. As a result, the only limit will be your imagination!
  • DIPLE Red objective lens
  • DIPLE Grey objective lens
  • DIPLE Black objective lens
  • Fine Stage
  • tweezers
  • light source
  • pipette
  • plain slide for microscopy
  • micrometric ruler
  • 3 prepared slides

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