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Organic Coconut Coir Brick for Growing Mushrooms

Organic Coconut Coir Brick for Growing Mushrooms

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It’s a compressed brick made of coconut husk, but if you made a house from these bricks good luck getting buildings insurance.

Just add water and watch it breach the small bucket you thought would contain it. The big one expands to 75litres of sub!


  • Approx 650g per brick or 5kg for the larger one.
  • Doesn’t need to be sterilised, can be pasteurised. 
  • Increases LOADS when you add water, you could throw one of these into an Olympic sized swimming pool and get banned for life for being weird.
  • Stores for millennia if kept dry.


  • Coir tek (google it)
  • Casing layer, if you fancy.
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