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Agar Anarchy : Random Pre-Poured Agar Multipack

Agar Anarchy : Random Pre-Poured Agar Multipack

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We have been looking for ways to reduce waste. Often we have agar left in the bottle after pouring an order.

So we decided, rather than pouring it down the sink. We can pour a few extra for each custom order and make up mad multipacks with random mixes and colours.

We will try our best to give a good variety in each pack, but no guarantees you’ll get a colour or mix you would have preferred. 

Packs will not include anti-biotic agar or water agar.


  • You can’t choose what you get. 
  • Might be 9 pink lme and one black pdya.


  • Cheap! Like lovely cheap!
  • You can try out new mixes you haven’t tried before!

Credit to the team for coming up with this. 🍻


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