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Activated Charcoal (Hardwood Carbon)

Activated Charcoal (Hardwood Carbon)

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100% Activated Charcoal

Not only do black agar plates give you punk af points, they allow you to see very clearly that lovely mycelium growth.

Don't spill this everywhere, it's pretty black. 

How to use
2g per litre of media will be just fine.
Store in a dry place

Nerd stats:

  • Wood Based High Activity
  • Molecular Weight: 12.01
  • Molasses Decolour: >500 (TM3)
  • Moisture as packed: Particle Size: 60-86 (Total Surface Density( N2 BET Method): <1000m3/g
  • Methylene Blue: Ash: <4% w/w
  • Water Extractables: <0.5%
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