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50ml Centrifuge Tubes (10pk) For Making Fungal Culture Slants

50ml Centrifuge Tubes (10pk) For Making Fungal Culture Slants

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These are basically large test tubes. Perfect for long term storage of cultures or spores, or soil samples.

They are not sterile, so will need to either be sterilised before use. We just pop them all in a unicorn bag with lids loosened, tape it and autoclave for 15 mins at 15psi.

Which lid do you need?

Normal Lid : Good for dried fungal material storage, soil samples, serial dilutions spores. 
Vented : Good for long term culture storage as slants, anything which requires air exchange.
Injection Only : Spore solutions, slants for testing LC for quality.
Injection and vented : Great for small expansions of liquid culture, spores to agar slants, liquid culture to agar. Quality testing LC before expanding onto substrates.

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