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Hericium coralloides (Coral tooth) Commercial culture (MP13)

Hericium coralloides (Coral tooth) Commercial culture (MP13)

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Culture Type
Difficulty: Intermediate
Grain spawn colonisation: 20-25 days @ Temp 21-25c
Fruiting substrate colonisation: 10-14 days @ Temp 18-24c 
Initiation of primordia (pinning):  14 days @ Temp 15c - 80-85% RH
Fruiting parameters : < 5 days @ Temp 10-17c - 85-95% RH 


Included in the liquid culture pack.

  • 1 x 10cc liquid culture syringe
  • 1 x hand wipe iso thingy
  • 1 x wipe for injection port
  • 1 x needle
  • 1 x replacement luer cap

This species loves MycoPunks sterile rye or millet for spawn and fruits incredibly well on rise above fruiting substrate.

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