Native Fungi Project - We Want Your Spores!

We want your help to work on a library of native cultures for commercial use in this country. In return we will pay you in store credit.

Here is how the process works.

  1. You find and document a wild species using our checklist.
  2. You collect a spore print on tin foil, send to our address.
  3. We confirm everything is good, send you credit depending on the species.

If we successfully cultivate from your spore print and move into commercial mother culture on sale to general public.

You will get:

  • Store credit depending on the reward level (see below).
  • Full credit for the find on the product page with a link to your social media.
  • A portion of profits from the culture will go to a charity or non profit of your choosing.
  • An agar plate with your mother culture .