Borosilicate Glass Agar Pouring Lab Bottle Anti Drip
A perfectly formed glass bottle, the Simax GL45 Reagent Laboratory Bottle, Clear, With Cap & Ring, Borosilicate Glass. Usage Make your agar in this bottle, then autoclave, let cool till okay to handle. Then pour your plates in front of...
AGAR IN A BOTTLE (Reusable Simex Glass Lab Bottle)
THIS PRODUCT IS MADE TO ORDER CLICK HERE FOR LEAD / DELIVERY TIMES. THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT SHIP SAME DAY. It’s hard to escape single use plastics in our biz, so we decided to try and cut down where we...
1ltr Kilner Jar perfect for liquid cultures / grain spawn jars
It's a beautiful glass jar which preppers like to eat peaches from after a nuclear war. We have a few options: Normal glass jar as is... or we do them with our modified PP5 lids with injection ports and gas...
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