MycoPunks 1ltr Dry Mixes For Fungal Culturing
We are so excited to be releasing our favourite agar mixes in really easy to use foil sachets! Each one makes 1ltr of media. We use only lab grade incred Culture Shock (2 sachets) - Liquid Culture Dry Mix (Lab...
Agar powder (100% agar)
The foundation of all culture plates. Agar is used to make culture plates (dishes). When mixed with nutrients it cools to form a jelly-like medium on which mushroom mycelium can grow so you'll need some of this stuff if you want...
Activated Charcoal (Hardwood Carbon)
100% Activated Charcoal Not only do black agar plates give you punk af points, they allow you to see very clearly that lovely mycelium growth. Don't spill this everywhere, it's pretty black.  How to use2g per litre of media will...
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