MGP Plus (was TrichEVICT 20) - for Yield Increases + Trich Inhibition
With MGP or TrichEVICT, multiple bacteria species function together synergistically to produce favorable metabolites and release nutrients through microbial mineralization. One of the species, Azospirillum, a free-living nitrogen-fixing bacterium, also fixes atmospheric nitrogen for uptake - turning a non-nitrogen-rich substrate into a much...
MGP Pure - Maximum Mushroom Growth Promotion
MGP stands for Mushroom Growth Promotion - and DRmyc's PureMGP is the world's first blend of micro-organisms exclusively targeted towards that purpose. This formula encourages drastic yield enhancement and is suitable for use by amateur mycologists, hobbyist mushroom growers, and mushroom...
Just-the-Trich - for Severe Trichoderma Incursions
This blend is exclusively focused on the prevention of aggressive contamination during Gourmet Mushroom Production through triggering an enhanced immune response from the fungi, as opposed to the chemical treatment of unwanted bacterial and fungal contaminants. As this blend cuts the incursion...
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